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Partner with us to help reach a broader community of people that we can serve together.


One of the ways that you can partner with us is by praying for our volunteers and also for the people that we are reaching out to in the community. 


International students who are without family or support in the city are lonely and vulnerable in a global pandemic. Many have had their circumstances flipped on them, resulting in lost internships, reduced support from home, and isolation from their normal support systems. As a volunteer, you will support international students through practical, spiritual and social engagement, and create a community and family for them here in Canada.


Our programs are run by volunteers who donate their time and resources. Would you consider donating to help cover the costs of these programs? 

We believe in the importance of stewardship. All donations received will support international student outreach programs. Any goods, services, or funds received that exceeds the needs in a particular project or program, will be used for other initiatives where most needed.

Thank you for your generous support!

Our Partners

We Are Stronger Together

Thank you to our partner organizations and volunteers who have helped to make an impact in the lives of Sherbrooke's international student community!

There are many ways to help and support international students here in Sherbrooke. If you are interested in connecting with us, please use the Partner Inquiry link below to get in touch with us.

Helping International Student

Moving schools? Have friends in a different city in Canada? We are a part of a bigger community. Connect with us wherever you are in Canada!








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